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Shift Your Narrative 


This journal is dedicated to all the beautiful souls that have touched my life in heaven and on earth in the past, present, and future. Those that saw the light within me, especially at the times I did not. To my higher self whispering loud enough for me to find the answers within. Your spirit is embedded in every page and I love you.

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Throughout my years on this earth, I have worn many hats and climbed many mountains. It is through these experiences that we truly get to know what we are made of. However, if we do not take the time to reflect on these trials and tribulations we forget the power that we possess inside of all of us. In 28 days, I will share with you a taste of the philosophies of conscious thought through reflection. I believe in the Socratic Method because this practice validated the power to Shift My Narrative and transformed my way of life. When teaching the Socratic Method to my students, I have found that the method works and has created magical results for me and those I teach. This journal experience will offer you an opportunity to get comfortable with asking yourself questions and seeking the answers that already exist within. We are the authors of our own stories, sometimes we need a little push to write it. This journal has called you to action.


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Trish Persen

Trish Persen, MFA is a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator who embodies the empathetic sprit of a mentor and life long learner. Through inspired action, she invites her students to discover their power through reflection. With over two decades of experience, she now desires to share that with you.


Gave it as a birthday gift to a teenage high school student who was being bullied at school. She was feeling stressed out and needed to do this “Shift Your Narrative in 28 days. Mrs. Trish Persen gave this young lady motivation to move pass this horrific situation. I would recommend this journey to all. Thank you

Madeline C.

I absolutely LOVE everything about it! The colors, the graphics, the quotes in each day, etc. It is so gorgeous and the quality is amazing. I highly recommend it!!!

This journal is a life changer! It will change, shift how we think, & believe and speak to ourselves. If you want to manifest your ideal self, life and environment? Then this book is for you!

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